Apr 11

Lazio wins 8th in a row

lazio.gif  1         VS.          0  messina.jpg 

First of all, sorry for not writing for almost a week, but I was away taking some days leave from work as I was exhausted.

As expected, we managed to beat Messina but the scoreline was only 1-0 for us and the goal was scored by Stendardo, who managed to put-up another fantastic performance. Lazio had so many chances throughout the match but they could not finish things up and wait the end of the match more with more clam.

Here is the match report from channel 4 as usual as well as a pic from the match.


  1. Alex

    I was at the game on saturaday, got my tickets from brilliant weekends.

    Not a classic, the centre beack was outstanding and i was also very impressed by one of the midfielders, 68 i think. Your striker (a bald chap) was also full of running which impressed me. Reminds me of Andy Johnson, looks like him too!

    My first taste of italian football was great, lovely stadium as well. My only anoyance was the level of diving which i felt was a disgrace. As an avid follower of a lower league english club (port vale) i am not usd to this level of theatrics. However this is only a mild complain in what was a fantastic afternoon.

    I will certainly follow lazio’s results with great interest in the future.

  2. amiripz


    thanx for commenting. I envy you for being at this match alive as I am still unable to see a Lazio match live at Olimpico.
    I am glad that you will continue to follow Lazio`s results. I agree about divings though, there is simply too much of that in the Italian football.

    Hope to see you around and talk about Lazio.

  3. Trim17

    Good win for Lazio, 9th on the row is on it’s way. 😉

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