Apr 23

An unthinkable defeat: Lazio-Fiorentina: 0-1

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Fiorentina once again spoiled our series of defeat less matches. They did it in the first leg and the repeated it yesterday in Olimpico. This time totally without deserving it.

Well losing a match when playing so nice is difficult to swallow. Especially in the first half, this Lazio team without 5 starters (Zauri, Behrami, Cribari, Mudingayi, Mauri and even without Stendardo) proved to be one hell of an opponent for Fiorentina. Rocchi was brilliant hitting the post as well as engaging Frey in at least several other occasions. Other players were doing just fine too. The ball just didn`t want to get into the net. Fiorentina was playing a typical closed match and I was even surprised we managed to create so many chances.

In the second half Prandelli must have warned his players that continuation of such a match will be a disaster therefore they played a bit smarter pushing our midfielders higher. Mutu scored the only goal after Peruzzi`s indecision on Jorgensen`a pass. After the goal, Delio Rossi inserted Tare for Makinwa as well as Pandev who got in earlier a bit for Jimenez. However, we could not score despite some two clear chances from Pandev and Rocchi.

All in all, it was a disappointing result after playing such a nice match. Our clinical finishing which is lacking once again after being our main weapon in the 8 win-in-a-row series (see Udinese match for example). Nevertheless, after Palermo`s defeat at home against Parma, it looks like we are certain of a CL place. However, no team should be underestimated.

Here is the match report from Channel4


  1. Trim17

    What the hell is happening with Lazio? After 8 wins on the row, 2 surprising draws, and now another surprise – a defeat.

  2. Karakash

    Don’t worry my friend, that’s soccer. Lazio played great regarding the circumstances and i’m very happy with the way Diakite played, although he had some mistakes, Bonetto did great on the place of Zauri and i’m especialy happy about De Silvestri….Maybe Rossi had to reacit earlier and take out Manfredini for Pandev, but i’m not concerned to much with the defeat. It’s the first in 2007.

    Now it’s time for the derby and Behrami, Zauri, Stendardo and Mudingayi (and hopefully Mauri) will be back.

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