Mar 06

Cribari out for over a month; Siviglia for 15 days

Notwithstanding how odd it may sound, this is the first time I am writting about injuries. It seems that Sunday`s win over Sampdoria at Olimpico costed us way too much as we lost the central defenders that, believe it or not, make up the best defense in Serie A.

Namely, Cribari will be out for at some 40 days due to an injury he sustained in his right thigh and which forced him to leave the field before the match ended.

On the other hand, Sebastiano Siviglia will miss some 15 days, also due to a muscle injury in his left thigh.

This leaves Rossi with many dilema as how to procede in the next Lazo match against Reggina away and Empoli at home (hopefully after Empoli at least Siviglia will be back). It seems to me that the only solution for the time being is to insert Stendardo and move Zauri in the middle, then move Bonetto on the left and Behrami on the right.

Let`s hope for no more injuries at least for the next 2-3 weeks.

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