Mar 19

Another brilliant performance: Lazio 3 – 1 Empoli

Well, it appears that when you are worried the most, things happen or at least easier and vice-versa. To demonstrate this we this Empoli match from last night which Lazio won so confidently by applying for the firt time in year the best finishing. See Mauri`s assist to Pandev in the first goal and Mauri-Pandev-Rocchi action on the occasion of the second one. Then Lazio scored the third goal after a powerful shot from the zone, a goal which is rarely score by us. Manfredini deserves credit for that.

Never mind, we are 3rd in the standings now (damn, who would have though in the begining of the season or even some time later when we lost two straight from Catania and Samp away) with Champions League chances strongly accumulating.

Lazio started with Peruzzi on goal; Behrami-Siviglia-Stendardo and Zauri in defense; Ledesma, Mudingayi and Manfredini in the midfield (the latter replaced injured Mutarelli); and Mauri just behind Pandev and Rocchi who played with a maks and scored a fantastic goal.

Ballota, Belleri and Makinwa entered as subs replacing Peruzzi, Mauri and Rocchi.

Here is the match report from channel4 as always and some photos from the match:

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  1. insearchoffootball

    Yes, Lazio have been doing very well … This Years Serie A could have been one of the best, if it wasn’t for the scandal, i mean you would have had Juventus, AC Milan, Inter, Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina and Palermo …. Maybe not all fighting for the title, but would have provided thrilling matches

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