Jan 29

We crush Palermo at ‘Renzo Barbera”

Palermo – Lazio: 0-3 (Rocchi 45 and 73; Siviglia 53)

 Lazio players celebrating after scoring against Palermo

I will divide this match on three different phases:

1. From the start until the 20-th minute:This is a period of time when Palermo was dominating, overrunning Lazio and outplaying, creating chances at every attack towards Peruzzi`s goal. They had faster midfielders and very difficult to match-up pair of strikers like a tall Caracciolo and fast and sneaky Di Michelle. Also, Guidolin is a smart coach and he probably instructed his team to attack from the very beginning, score onceor twice and then close the match in a routine manner. Lazio on the other hand was playing their worst football since losing to Catania and there was hardly anything positive until the 20th minute. Palermo even managed to score once but their goal was dissallowed with no reason by the linesman. This could have killed the match knowing that Palermo have a fantastic record when playing at home.

2. Minute 20th, end of first half:This is a period when Lazio started to calm the match down and passing better, being more in ball possession and occasionally creating half-chances. Palermo was become less and less dangerous. To make it even better for Lazio and horrible for the home team, Rocchi scored from close range just before the half-time whistle.

3. Second half:This was a one way traffic: a completely new Lazio, in perfect control of the match whithout letting Palermo create anything, despite Guildolin making all three substitutions by 70th minute. Then Siviglia nailed a header from a close range after a very good cross from Ledesma. This goal basically killed the match, just like Guidolin admitted. Palermo created nothing until the end of the match while Rocchi scored another one from the penalty spot to make it even a sweeter win.

All in all, this was an interesting match in which Lazio could have lost easily if Palermo were the first to score. Man of the match for me: Sebastiano Siviglia. For fantastic defending and decive goal.

A match report from Channel4

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